How Are Golden Raisins Different From Golden Raisins?

Golden raisins are normally smaller, sweeter, and juicier than regular raisins. They are lighter in shade and have a slightly different texture because of the way they are dried. 

A Bowl of Cereals with Raisins as Toppings

Raisins are technically dried grapes. There are different types of raisins depending on the variety of grapes used and the methods used to dry those grapes. They are available in different colors ranging from light yellow to dark brown. 

Although both golden and regular raisins come from the same grape variety, people tend to find golden raisins fruitier and plumper while their counterparts are found to be comparatively dry and wrinkly. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about golden raisins and regular raisins including their health benefits. 

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How Are Golden Raisins And Brown Raisins Made? 

Both golden and brown raisins are made by drying seedless grapes. There is not much difference in the taste of these two raisins but the difference is largely in the way they are made. 

Regular raisins are made using the traditional method of sun-drying. They are usually spread across a platform and dried directly in the sun for about three weeks. This gives them a brown tint which is further increased due to exposure to high temperature. People believe that regular raisins are sweeter due to this natural method of drying. 

On the other hand, golden raisins are not dried directly in the sun but are kept in big dehydrators that have controlled temperatures along with a controlled level of humidity. This gives golden raisins their plumpy and juicy taste. This process only takes a day. 

Then, an antioxidant - sulfur dioxide is added to them which serves as a preservative. Due to this, golden raisins can retain their colour and remain lighter than regular raisins.   

Are Golden Raisins healthier than Brown Raisins? 

Golden and normal raisins are practically equal in terms of vitamins and minerals. 

They provide you with the same health benefits giving you about 5% of your everyday potassium needs and roughly 3% of your recommended iron needs. However, since golden raisins are made using an additive that acts as an antioxidant, some people consider them to be healthier than brown raisins. 

Additionally, these raisins contain a considerable amount of copper (approximately 10% of the daily recommended amount), which replenishes your tissues, promotes brain function, and aids in cell energy production. 

Difference due to Anti-Oxidants

Antioxidants aid in defending cells against the damaging effects of oxidative stress and free radicals - two variables in inflammation and several disorders, including cancer.

Studies also indicate that consuming raisins may enhance blood sugar regulation, reduce blood pressure, and keep you full for longer.

Golden and ordinary raisins each contain trace levels of specific B vitamins. You can also acquire trace quantities of riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B-6 by eating one ounce of these raisins. These raisins keep your metabolism at an all-time high. 

Are Raisins the complete dry-fruit supplement you need?

Not really. Raisins are a healthy snack but they are not particularly abundant in some specific nutrients, you will need to incorporate more healthy food items alongside to reap maximum health benefits. 

You must also remember that even though raisins are dried fruits, they do contain high levels of sugar and calories and have to be consumed in a limited amount. It is easy to binge on these sugary delights so be sure to control your urges. 

How Do I Choose My Raisins? 

The source of the majority of raisins is the seedless grape variety called Thompson grapes. These grapes are an amber green shade and bear the name of the California farmer who first began cultivating raisins. 

When purchasing raisins, there is a way to tell how old the raisins are. If while shaking the box, it makes a rattling sound, then they have been dried for a long time. 

When it comes to snacking on raisins, if you are someone who prefers munchies on the sweeter end, you will want to go for brown raisins. If you are baking something and adding raisins to it like cookies or cupcakes, it doesn’t matter which raisin you want to choose because both give similar results. 

However, while cooking, we highly suggest that you go for golden raisins by Special Choice Raisins. Their Golden raisins range has everything you will need. These raisins with their plumpness and juicy texture will make your dishes more flavorful giving you an additional fruity delight to your meal. 

How Can You Include Golden and Brown Raisins In Your Diet? 

Raisins and some almond slices are used as topping on a pancake

Raisins are an excellent source of healthy sweetness and you can always use raisins to sweeten your dishes instead of adding processed sugar. 

Raisins are rich in fiber and potassium so they are widely used as a healthy substitute for refined sugar. 

If you are a concerned parent of a chocolate-loving kid whose dentist has prohibited them from eating too much candy, raisins can come to your rescue! You can allow your children to snack on raisins instead of candies to prevent them from having cavities.

Other than snacking, you can use raisins as a topping for various dishes. You can add them to your salads, dessert, side-dip, yogurt, or oatmeal  - there is honestly no limit to how you can add raisins to your diet. 

While people love to have raisins raw, health professionals have advised soaking raisins in water overnight and having them the following morning. Soaking raisins overnight and having them with your breakfast or grinding them into a smoothie is considered to have more health advantages.

Do I Need A Special Storage Place For Raisins?

You usually do not require extra effort to store raisins. All you need is a container - it does not even need to be airtight. 

You can keep your raisins in a moderate and dry area after being opened. If you reside in a warm or humid environment, you can even put them in the fridge. In this manner, they'll stay tasty for up to a year. 

Frozen raisins are definitely something you should try. They taste like ice candies. Freezing raisins can also increase their life-span. They can even stay good up to 18 months this way.