Special Choice California Almonds Vacuum Pack 250g
Special Choice California Almonds Vacuum Pack 250g (Back)
Special Choice California Almonds Vacuum Pack 250g (Nutrition Facts)

Special Choice California Almonds Vacuum Pack 250g

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Special Choice

About Special Choice California Almonds Vacuum Pack

Grown in the beautiful valleys of California, these almonds are brought to you with care by Special Choice. California almonds are rich in nutrients and full of flavours. The crunchiness of these almonds pairs up perfectly with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. 

Almonds are known for their health benefits and perfect taste. This pack of California Almonds by Special Choice comes in a vacuum-sealed pack that traps all the goodness inside. Buy California Almonds online in India from Special Choice!

Special Choice California Almonds come in vacuum-sealed packs of different weight measures. You can buy a pack of these yummy almonds according to your needs. They are available in 100g, and 250g packs. 

Flavour Profile

Special Choice California Almonds are a perfect snack option. You can eat them whenever, wherever you want to. They carry earthy, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor tones. They have a light flavor body, and won’t overpower any dish you use them in. 

Health Benefits of California Almonds

California Almonds in India is one of the biggest exports from the US. Around 85% of almonds in markets in India come from California. That speaks to the goodness and success of this health-conscious snack option.

California Almonds have numerous health benefits. These almonds are full of vitamins A, B, E, Calcium, & Iron making them good for your eyes, bones, and teeth. California Almonds price in India is not much, which means, a power-packed health option at affordable rates. 

California Almonds for Heart Health

A recently conducted study at King’s College London showed that snacking on California almonds was attributed to improved flow-mediated dilation (FMD). FMD is a key indicator of vascular health.  

California Almonds for Diabetes

To keep your diabetes under check you should go for a low-fat and high-fiber starch source. California almonds by Special Choice fit the bill perfectly. These healthy snack options will keep you feeling full throughout the day.

Why choose Special Choice California Almonds?

Special Choice is a reputed name in the dry fruit industry known for bringing only the best products to its customers. Customer satisfaction is the primary concern at Special Choice. Therefore, we take significant care to produce products that stand up to the highest standards.

We are a HACCP and ISO (22000:2005) certified brand. All our produce is grown and sourced from farms that do not use harmful pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals. Our products come in ready-to-eat packages, that can be consumed directly from the packet.

So, Order California Almonds online from Dryfruitvala.com and dive into a packet of our Special Choice California Almonds. Devour the crunchiness of these oh-so-good almonds!