Special Choice Cashew Nuts (Jumbo 320) Salted 250g (Front)
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Special Choice Cashew Nuts Roasted And Salted Vacuum Pack 250g (Nutrition Facts)

Special Choice Cashew Nuts (Jumbo 320) Salted 250g

Special Choice
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Special Choice

About Special Choice Cashew Nuts Masala

Craving something to munch on but that food guilt is holding you down? Grab a packet of Special Choice’s Cashew Nuts Roasted And Salted Premium. With these cashews, you can eat to your heart’s delight and say goodbye to feeling guilty about it. Once you try one of these specially roasted cashews, your hands would keep going for more! They are irresistible!

With our premium packaging, Namkeen Kaju just got better! We pack these cashew nuts in a special vacuum packaging that preserves all the flavours and goodness inside. So that whenever you open a pack of these nuts, you smell freshly roasted Cashews. Then what are you waiting for!? Order a pack now!

Flavour Profile

Apart from being healthy and beneficial to you in many ways, Roasted and Salted Cashews by Special Choice are (extremely) snackable. Their flavour will have you wanting more. These cashews carry the classic nutty aroma that is multiplied by the roasting.

They don’t carry any bitterness, the roasting process caramelizes the sugars in the cashews enhancing their flavour profile considerably. And then the salt mix pairs up perfectly with the roasted nuts. You will absolutely love this amalgam of flavours, so try out a packet of  Special Choice Cashew Nuts Roasted And Salted.

Health Benefits of Cashews

We source our cashews from the best farms in the country where they are grown following all good farming practices. These cashews are processed in factories with care, and at every step, it’s ensured that no contamination or exposure to harmful elements happens. We use only the best quality salt, and roast the cashews in a dry-roast facility.

Roasted and Salted Cashews for Decreased risk of bacteria

The roasting process kills anything harmful that the cashews might have come in contact with in the fields. It is scientifically proven that the roasting process that the cashews undergo significantly decreases the chances of being exposed to harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli.

Roasted and Salted Cashews are easier to digest

Roasting cashews make them easier to digest. They pass through our systems with ease without giving making our body overwork. Because they are roasted some of the good elements have already been broken down. So if you’re someone who faces digestion problems or even otherwise you wish to take it easy on your body, then these cashews are for you!

Why choose Special Choice Cashew Nuts (Jumbo 320) Salted 250g?

Special Choice is a reputed name in the dry fruit industry known for bringing only the best products to its customers. Customer satisfaction is the primary concern at Special Choice. Therefore, we take significant care to produce products that stand up to the highest standards.

We are a HACCP and ISO (22000:2005) certified brand. All our produce is grown and sourced from farms that do not use harmful pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals. Our products come in ready-to-eat packages, that can be consumed directly from the packet.

Why wait then, order roasted and salted Cashews online from Dryfruitvala.com right now! We will deliver the packet to your house in a vacuum-sealed pack and you can start munching right away!