Special Choice Kishmish (Green Raisins) Kandhari 250g
Special Choice Kishmish (Green Raisins) Kandhari 250g (Back)
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Special Choice Kishmish (Green Raisins) Kandhari 250g

Special Choice
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Special Choice

About Special Choice Kishmish (Green Raisins) Kandhari

Kandhari Kishmish were grown in the wide open fields of Kandhar, Afghanistan. This variety is shorter than the normal long green raisins but it is much sweeter than any other variety of raisins. Kandhari Kishmish is mushy, gooey, amazingly sweet raisins that can be consumed raw or added to any of your favourite dishes. These green raisins will enhance any dish instantly

We recommend you try adding these raisins to the next Phirni you make, the cold Phirni will pair up perfectly with these sweet raisins. 

Flavour Profile

Kandhari Kishmish in India is famous for its sweet flavour and juicy texture. With the first bite, you will be able to make out that these are not just any other variety of green raisins. There is definitely something about them that makes them so different! 

These raisins are sweeter than any other variety of raisins and that is the dominant flavour profile. In fact, if you want to cut down on sugar, and want natural sweetness in milkshakes or desserts, you can very well substitute sugar for these raisins from Special Choice. Try them out now!

Health Benefits of Kandhari Kishmish

All things natural come loaded with benefits. The same goes for Kandhari Kishmish. These raisins are a great source of nutrition and are abundant in minerals and vitamins. They can be a perfect choice to feed your little ones who refuse to have anything else. They will absolutely love these Kandhari Kishmish and would always keep asking for more.

Kandhari Kishmish for Oral Health

Among the many health benefits of Kandhari Kishmish, the foremost benefit is better oral health. Kandhari Kishmish is known for having a variety of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are compounds that can help you fight oral bacteria, and suppress cavities, and other gum diseases. 

Isn’t that amazing? A sweet food product keeping your mouth healthy! Now that’s unheard of.

Kandhari Kishmish for Bone Health

Kandhari Raisins are found to be rich in calcium. Calcium as you must know is necessary for bone strength. One more nutrient that is great for bone formation is Boron, and these raisins are an excellent source of Boron for you. That is why it is recommended that you have raisins soaked in water. According to many studies will help you maintain good bone health.

Why choose Special Choice Kishmish (Green Raisins) Kandhari?

Special Choice is a reputed name in the dry fruit industry known for bringing only the best products to its customers. Customer satisfaction is the primary concern at Special Choice. Therefore, we take significant care to produce products that stand up to the highest standards.

We are a HACCP and ISO (22000:2005) certified brand. All our produce is grown and sourced from farms that do not use harmful pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals. Our products come in ready-to-eat packages, that can be consumed directly from the packet.

Then are you ready to get yourself a pack of sweet healthy delights? Go and click that order button now to get your pack of Kandhari Kishmi home delivered. Buy Kandhari Kishmish online!